About BuffaloGrid


Our Company

The mobile phone is a transformative technology. We use it to communicate, trade, learn and have fun. But for many people around the world, staying connected is a daily challenge.

That’s why we started BuffaloGrid, bringing mobile power and internet to the next billion. We’re creating a pioneering international development company that uses renewable energy and internet services to help people access a better quality of life.

Led by Daniel Becerra (CEO - left), Daniel Fogg (COO - right) and supported by Phil Schluter (Chairman), BuffaloGrid creates technology to make the world more socially and economically equal.

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Our Values

At BuffaloGrid everything we do on our mission is to bring mobile power and internet to the next billion is informed by our values. These are the foundations that everything our team does are built upon.

  • We serve our users as they are, not as we think they should be

  • Build useful things

  • Clarity in design, communication and intent

  • Move fast, don’t break things

  • We are antidisciplinary

  • Business gets things done

  • Choice matters and should be available to everyone

  • Life is better with the internet

Visit our values page to read more and learn how we created them over at Inside BuffaloGrid.


Our Team

Our team is made up of designers, developers and growth specialists who want use technology to make a real impact in our customers lives.

We are always looking for exceptional people who want to take on the challenge of building a unique business for a fascinating market. Find out more here.


Investors and Grant Providers

We are proud to be backed by a incredible group of investors who believe in our team, support our mission and are excited about our market.

Our work is also supported by our grant funding partners who share our commitment to using innovative technology to bridge the Digital Divide.

You can find out more about our investors and grant partners on CrunchBase.