Our customers benefit from greater business opportunities, better education prospects and a wealth of information provided by increased connectivity. Our agents, the people paid to operate the BuffaloGrid service, also benefit by the income generated by every charge. And companies using our service also benefit, as they can now trade with a previously unreachable market.

The first companies to benefit are mobile network operators, because phones with power use more airtime.


Mobile phone users benefit from having accessible electricity and connectivity. They can save money and time on phone charging, and have a  platform to access useful services from health care to banking.

BuffaloGrid Operators receive the equipment for free, and receive an income for distributing the service (commission per charge).

BuffaloGrid helps develop off grid communities in a more sustainable way. This power and connectivity provides a platform for people to trade with each other for the first time. It also helps change attitudes towards solar, which we hope encourages communities to see being environmentally considerate in a positive light.

Mobile network operators will benefit as they will receive new customers, and more airtime from existing users. The introduction of the internet leads to smartphones and future data allowances. They will also be able to use BuffaloGrid as a promotional tool, and see the results accurately.

BuffaloGrid is a business, not an NGO as we champion enterprise over aid. We think that a good way of reducing poverty is by enhancing commerce.