The Benefits


Boost revenue, drive footfall and unlock new ways to engage with your customers

Your staff can earn additional income and encourage customers to spend more time and money with your brand. Your customers can access free or low cost mobile charging without credit or contracts.

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Charge Phones

Your agents can charge to 28 phones at once. Customers can pay in cash or with a range of e-payments, including PayTM and M-Pesa.


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Increase Revenue

You can earn over 200% ROI from selling mobile charge `alone then drive further engagement with your products and services, in-store and online.  


Retain Agents

Performance based pay plays a major role in agent retention and motivation. Incentivise your team with extra income and rewards. 



Drive Engagement

By offering a service people need, you can drive customers into your stores, increase dwell-time and encourage additional spending.

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Reach Customers

You can communicate with customers directly through each Hub's digital display. Sell ad space, share info and promote other products and services. 


Uncover Insights

The BuffaloGrid Cloud gives you a complete view of Hub performance and customer behaviour. Identify popular locations and allocate agents accordingly. 


Built To Work Together

The BuffaloGrid Hub and Cloud combine to create a sustainable network of IoT devices that bring value to your customers, agents and organisation. 


BuffaloGrid Hub

Power, Promote, Profit


BuffaloGrid Cloud

Monitor, Respond, Grow