We have been featured in The Times, thanks to James Hurley, who wrote an article about our shift from pedal power to solar power, and how the Royal College of Art backs startups. Excerpt below:

When Daniel Becerra thought of using the humble bicycle to bring electricity to a billion of the world’s poorest people, he thought his solution was both elegant and simple. Visiting Africa showed him how wrong he was.

Mr Becerra and Phil Schluter, a coffee trader, were trying to solve one of the biggest problems associated with soaring mobile phone use in the developing world: in many areas, it is nigh on impossible to charge them.

The industrial design and engineering graduate came up with the idea of bicycle-powered generators and travelled to Kenya to test the approach in 2011.

“It is not uncommon for a farmer to commute for a couple of hours every few days to charge their phone, an extreme amount of time for something that is so easy to do in the west. But the bike was the wrong solution. It took four hours of peddling to charge more than twenty phones.” Farmers understandably preferred tending their fields to furiously peddling away for hours on end. “They said thanks, but no thanks.”

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