When BuffaloGrid was founded back in 2012, our goal was nothing less than providing mobile power and connectivity to millions. Over the last four years, we've been relentlessly pursuing this goal, but we have not been sharing this work publicly. So most of our progress and most of our thoughts on how to solve this civilization-level challenge have remained hidden away in the minds of our team.

That is going to change. Getting the Bottom Billion powered, connected and online is a huge challenge. We want to share our approach to meeting this challenge in the hope that other teams will be inspired by our journey and learn from how we overcome the obstacles along the way.

This new openness means we will start sharing data about our operations, our technology and our investment strategy. This thing, our blog, will be a big part of that. As will our social media feed, our newsletter and our attempts to share our mission through the press with as many people as possible.

At BuffaloGrid, we're going to solve one of the biggest challenges facing the world in the 21st Century. You'll be able to find out how we're doing that right here.