Bringing Power and Connectivity To The Next Billion

What do we do? 

BuffaloGrid connects communities by giving local entrepreneurs the ability to offer affordable access to mobile phone power.

Who do we work with?

Primarily organisations operating agent networks across South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa.
We're especially interested in hearing from Mobile Network Operators, Financial Inclusion Networks, NGOS and Assisted eCommerce companies.

What are the benefits? 

  • Your customers can access affordable energy to charge their phones without credit or contracts

  • Your agents can earn additional income, drive footfall and increase the time customers spend in-store 

  • Your business can increase average revenue per user, encourage use of online services and communicate with customers directly


Built To Work Together 

The BuffaloGrid Hub and Cloud combine to create a powerful network of IoT devices.


BuffaloGrid Hub

Power, Promote, Profit 


BuffaloGrid Cloud

Monitor, Respond, Grow