The BuffaloGrid Cloud

Monitor, Respond, Drive Growth


Complete Control

The BuffaloGrid Cloud lets you manage your entire fleet of Hubs from anywhere.
Your team can visualise agent performance, customise key settings and control the content displayed the screen of every BuffaloGrid Hub across your network.

 “BuffaloGrid addresses a critical need by providing access to mobile device charging and other services to rural villages lacking reliable access to energy.” Kevin Connolly, Director of Energy Access, Microsoft

Key Features


Remote Control

Customise every element of your fleet remotely


User Visibility

Track sales, monitor demand and calculate revenue


Push Promotions

Deliver alerts and ads direct to the screen of every Hub


System Health

Monitor the vital signs of your Hubs and its surroundings



Track the location of your Hubs at all times


Drive Performance

Motivate and retain agents with incentives and rewards


New Features

Access new functionality as soon as its available 


Automate Admin

Set-up recurring promotions and back-office payments


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Everything You Need 

A subscription to the BuffaloGrid Cloud gives your team complete control:

  • Add and manage unlimited Agent and Hub profiles 
  • Upload content to be displayed on Hub screen across your network 
  • Receive automatic updates straight from our engineering team
  • Automatic encryption of all data travelling to and from your fleet of Hubs 



Built to Work Together

The BuffaloGrid Hub and Cloud combine to create a powerful network of connected devices.
Increase income from your agent network, bring your customers closer and use connectivity to access new streams of revenue.


BuffaloGrid Hub

Power, Promote, Profit



Bringing Everyone Value