The BuffaloGrid Cloud

Connecting Every Hub

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Keep Control

Customise every element of your fleet of Hubs remotely.

Track sales, measure demand and calculate revenue.

Incentivise agents with bonuses and visualise performance.

Increase Engagement

Deliver alerts, ads or educational content direct to Hubs screens.

Let your customers engage directly with the inbuilt HD touchscreen.

Capture information and gain valuable new insights.


Learn and locate

An array of sensors measure the vital signs of every Hub and its surroundings.

Gather data and use it to improve the customer experience and identify peak periods across your network.


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Everything You Need

A subscription to BuffaloGrid gives your team complete control

• Add and manage Agent and Hub profiles
• Control content on Hub screen across your network
• The latest updates straight from our engineering team
• Automatic encryption of all data travelling to and from your Hubs


Built to Work Together

The BuffaloGrid Hub and Cloud combine to create a powerful network of connected devices.


BuffaloGrid Hub

Power, Promote, Profit



Bringing Everyone Value