Our Hub

Simple, reliable and powered by renewable energy

Designed with Purpose

The Hub is the product of years of customer research, technical development and live field trials. Over time, the Hub has evolved to address a unique set of customer needs that can be distilled into one question:

How can I stay connected when power and connectivity are unreliable or unavailable?

Answering this question has taken us on a journey from selling a bicycle-mounted generator in Uganda, to providing village-level power in India. It has led us to make the Hub accessible for illiterate users and design the case so we can carry two complete systems on the back of a motorbike. And it has made the BuffaloGrid Hub what it is today - a connectivity service for our customers, a platform for our partners, and a system for our team to deliver impact at scale.

Inside the Hub


Power In

Solar Panel: supplied to all our agents living in grid-edge and off-grid areas

Grid Power: charging the Hub when used in urban areas

Power Storage

Lead-Acid Battery: storing power during the day, and dispensing power at night

Off-Grid Power: 25 smartphones or 50 feature phones charged from battery power alone


Power Out

22 Charge Ports: designed to serve large groups during periods of high demand

Multi-Cables: connections for every type of device



Mobile Data: 3G, GPRS & SMS connectivity

GPS: helping locate our Hubs, wherever they are

Not Just a Box

The Hub is not the service, it is only the means by which our customers access the service. Hidden away are the payment integrations, management and control systems, remote diagnostics tools and analytics dashboards that make the service run. It is only when these systems are combined with the Hub, and the service acts as one, that our customers can get connected.


Get Connected, Don’t Get In Debt

Our Hub is not for sale. We provide it free-of-charge to our agents, who then sell power to our customers. We feel ownership within the village is not the right approach. It can lead to complex debt-financing and forces companies to use low-quality components to keep the price down. Our customers want to get connected and we’re here to help them.