Marketing Manager

The Marketing Manager will be responsible for developing our brand into that of a professional, innovative startup engaged in the reinvention of off-grid power and connectivity in emerging markets. You will push BuffaloGrid into new conversations and help shape not just our business and our customers business, but the lives of rural consumers across the world.

Job Title: Marketing Manager

Reports to: Chief Operations Officer

Based at: Hackney Wick, London, UK

Compensation: £34,000 - £38,000 + Equity (further details below)

Responsibilities (What You'll Be Doing)

  • Design and develop a marketing strategy that is frugal, agile and achievable. It should be a strategy that can create significant impact, is directly targeted at both users of our service and customers running their own network of BuffaloGrid Hubs.
  • Implement the marketing strategy, using a combination of your own work and the resources available to you in the business.
  • Establish clear quantitative benchmarks and KPIs to measure the success of all campaigns, events and marketing initiatives. These benchmarks should be simple to measure, easy to understand and directly connected into the overall strategic objectives of our business.
  • Design, develop and implement a brand strategy that works both for our rural users and corporate customers.
  • Pitch for and manage an internal marketing budget that is reflective of the early stage of our business.
  • Develop and manage an on-going calendar of events (speaking and attending), pitching sessions and networking opportunities that can help us get our message out to a broad audience, quickly and effectively.
  • Manage and generate content for our website and email mailing list, ensuring we are posting regular content that is insightful, compelling and clearly connected to our mission.
  • Train and up-skill our team on the best approach to marketing, ensuring everyone is contributing to the sales and marketing of our service in some way.
  • Ground all your work in an in-depth understanding of our rural user’s world and our corporate customer’s business needs. This may involve leading and managing internal market research projects.
  • Stay connected to the current best-practices of technology start-ups approach to marketing and sales tactics, especially where it relates to hardware, internet of things, off-grid electrification and connectivity.
  • Provide tools and supporting materials for our Rural Operations Team and Corporate Sales Team.
  • Develop a visual and textual tone for the business - both BuffaloGrid as a business and BuffaloGrid (in-market) as a brand.
  • Personally generate written and visual content for our marketing channels.
  • Manage our social media presence on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. You should always be looking out for new opportunities to engage with our clients using these channels.
  • Support all public relations initiatives which the leadership team are engaged in, ensuring they are connected into the marketing and brand strategy and running in-sync with other marketing initiatives.
  • Perform regular horizon scanning activities, tracking all movements of our corporate clients, competitors and emerging market rural consumers.
  • Identify and manage external providers who may be needed in the execution of marketing initiatives, always being mindful that whatever we can do in house, we usually will do in house.

Core Skills (What We Want to See)

  • You will need to operate both as a strategist and an implementer at BuffaloGrid, so you will need to be able to design the overall plan of work and be the key person getting it done.
  • Speed is essential in our business. You should be able to move quickly, understanding always that it is better to launch early, than to launch late. Perfection is an ideal, not a realistic objective. You need to be able to produce great work, that is good enough to get the job done. 
  • A deep strategic thinker - you will be able to conceive of a far-off goal, and build from nothing towards that goal, communicating a clear vision throughout and rallying the team behind your goal.
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills, both to an internal team and to an external audience. You should be able to construct everything from an insightful blog post to fun social media content. You should be able to pitch our ideas at industry events and communicate your work to our junior team. Furthermore, you will be able to train other members of the team on how we should be communicating.
  • Great design skills that allow you to produce design work to support our marketing initiatives. This design work should be able to communicate your message visually, with personality and flair.
  • You should display clear leadership in everything you do. We expect our senior team to lead by example and always be visible, especially during challenging periods of work.
  • As a startup, we need everyone to muck-in during critical periods for the business. No task is too junior, no project is too complex. You should be unfazed by this and approach your work every day as a learning experience, meeting resistance with a smile.
  • Everyone is focussed on driving growth, but as the Marketing Manager, you should be always ready to sell
  • Analytical and data-driven, you should have the skills and sufficient command of the tools to understand our customers through their actions, not just their opinions, and be able to back your ideas up with quantitative evidence.

Knowledge & Experience (What You Need to Have)

  • Prior experience working in a marketing team at a technology startup or digital agency, ideally working in business-to-business marketing.
  • Extremely tech-literate, with a working knowledge of a range of online tools
  • Excellent command of the English language, you love to communicate in clear, simple language (knowledge of Hindi an advantage, but not essential)
  • Additional knowledge of market trends in ecommerce, banking, renewable energy, mobile internet and rural development.
  • General interest in international affairs is an advantage, as is a love of adventurous travel.

Benefits (What We Offer)

  • Competitive salary: £34,000 - £38,000
  • Equity in the company through our employee share scheme.
  • Work for a company on a world-changing mission to affect millions of lives.
  • Tackle complex challenges that have a global impact everyday.
  • Be part of a collaborative team culture - open, encouraging, design-centric and fun.

About BuffaloGrid

Over 1 billion people lack access to reliable power, and yet 700 million have access to a mobile phone. For many, getting their phone charged and connecting to the network is a daily challenge. Without the ability to connect, these phone users will struggle to function in the modern economy.

We want to see everyone connected. We think everyone has the right to be included in our digital world. That’s why at BuffaloGrid, we are working to help the Next Billion get connected and stay connected.

Our team is made up of designers, developers and growth specialists who want use technology to make a real impact in our customer's lives. They work across hardware, software, operations and growth to provide a reliable service that our customers love.