DevOps Lead

We’re after a mid-level to (hands-on) expert who’d like to help run and expand our fleet of IoT hubs as well as reducing our server footprint (two left!) in exchange for a fascinating challenge in a great team.

Job Title: DevOps Lead

Reports to: Chief Technology Officer

Based at: London, UK

Responsibilities (What You'll Be Doing)

  • Maintain system integrity, up time and quality of our service for customers

  • Commit code and configuration and push to production

  • Participate in remote pair programming or code review
  • Document your work, keeping team members updated in Trello and other systems
  • Maintain and improve our CI/CD pipelines including across unreliable, low bandwidth networks
  • Contribute to choice of technologies and design of solutions
  • Support operations, diagnose network
  • Contribute to design, monitoring, scaling and support of APIs and operational dashboards
  • Participate in team buy vs build decisions

Prior Experience (Stuff You Should Know)

  • Love Docker, Kubernetes, AWS (or other PaaS), scripting, CI/CD, embedded systems.

  • Chef, Puppet, Ansible or other frameworks for automation magic.
  • Expert in at least Linux and can handle other OSs
  • Dashboards, logfiles (or no logs needed because of streaming events), Papertrail, NGinx template autogeneration, 2/3/4G Modem troubleshooting, SSH, HTTPS handshakes, Serverless, NoSQL and SQL equality, G-Suite, git and scripting in all forms (Bash or perhaps Powershell),
  • You can setup up SSH tunnels, reverse tunnels, VPNs or equivalent care about data security, uptime, distributed resilience from fragile components.

Core Skills (What We Want to See)

  • Steeped in CI/CD and practical application of agile devops techniques
  • Full understanding of containerization, VM and techniques for building robustness from fragile parts
  • Technically skilled, problem solver, delivery focussed
  • Make your decisions using critical thinking, experience and evidence-based research.
  • Communicate with your colleagues, partners and customers in a clear, concise and timely manner, that is both informative and constructive
  • Work independently, creatively and collaboratively
  • Be independent, responsible and share accountability for all of the software stack and production systems
  • Experience in fast-moving startups, preferably working at the intersection of hardware and software

Benefits (What We Offer)

  • Competitive salary
  • Equity in the company through our employee share scheme
  • Feel the rewards from working for a company on a world-changing mission to affect millions of lives
  • Work in a small interdisciplinary team of designers, developers and operations specialists
  • Tackle complex challenges that have a global impact everyday
  • Work in a dynamic, modern office at Plexal (Here East) on the edge of Hackney Wick
  • Be part of a collaborative team culture - open, encouraging, design-centric and fun.

About BuffaloGrid

Over 1 billion people lack access to reliable power, and yet 700 million have access to a mobile phone. For many, getting their phone charged and connecting to the network is a daily challenge. Without the ability to connect, these phone users will struggle to function in the modern economy.

We want to see everyone connected. We think everyone has the right to be included in our digital world. That’s why at BuffaloGrid, we are working to help the Next Billion get connected and stay connected.

Our team is made up of designers, developers and growth specialists who want use technology to make a real impact in our customer's lives. They work across hardware, software, operations and growth to provide a reliable service that our customers love.