IoT Support Engineer

The IoT Support Engineer will act as our primary troubleshooter and fixer in our India team. You will provide first-line technical support to our customers and team, getting into problems that span hardware, software and networking. You will need to be a technical generalist, that is excited about getting hands-on and solving technical problems that ensure our customers are happy and our users can access our service with minimal interruption.

Job Title: IoT Support Engineer

Reports to: Chief Technology Officer

Based at: Defence Colony, Delhi, India

Compensation: INR 700,000 - INR 800,000 (depending on experience)

Responsibilities (What You'll Be Doing)

  • Manage the maintenance and repair process for all damaged BuffaloGrid Hubs, ensuring minimum turn-around times are met, quality is maintained, costs are kept low, waste is minimised and customers remain satisfied.
  • Run hardware and software diagnostic processes on BuffaloGrid Hubs to identify problems with damaged or faulty equipment.
  • Personally perform repairs on damaged BuffaloGrid Hubs by replacing damaged components and performing software updates. This will involve everything from soldering to firmware upgrades and custom circuit board assembly.
  • Act as lead technical troubleshooter for our India operations, across hardware, software and networking components.
  • Act as in-country technical lead during the BuffaloGrid Hub assembly process and working as the main point of escalation to resolve issues in the production line, both when assembly is performed in-house and when performed by an external assembly partner.
  • Run IT support for our India team and maintain our technical infrastructure used to support international hardware and software development work.
  • Train our internal team and external customers on proper technical troubleshooting processes for the BuffaloGrid Hub, and in doing so, work to minimise the number of support cases that can be resolved without sending equipment back to our Delhi repair facility.
  • Demonstrate a willingness to travel to customers locations across India and perform field testing and maintenance when real-world testing is required by our development team.
  • Maintain a proper inventory of replacement components and supplies at our Delhi repair facility and ensure equipment is properly logged in and out. 
  • Drive safety and quality standards up across all aspects of our maintenance and technical work in our Delhi office and with our suppliers.

Core Skills (What We Want to See)

  • Ability to communicate with technical staff in detail and also explain complex concepts in simple language to non-technical staff and customers.
  • Ability to diagnose problem states using a wide variety of tools including multi-meter, oscilloscope, current clamps, electronic load, bench supply and other related tools.
  • Working knowledge of Trello (task management), Slack (internal communication), Jira (bug tracking), ZenDesk (support ticketing) and G-Suite (productivity).
  • Ability to solder and perform re-working to a high level of proficiency.
  • Exposure to Raspberry Pi, Arduino, single board computers and related Linux OS tinkering.
  • Strong competency with assembling electronics at both system and PCB level.
  • Experience configuring and troubleshooting Wi-Fi, bluetooth and GSM networking modules.
  • Understanding of power systems - batteries, solar panels, mains power - how they work and how to work safely with them.
  • Experience working in an anti-static environment is an advantage.

Knowledge & Experience (What You Need to Have)

  • Proven ability to meet the requirements of this job description.
  • Prior experience working for a startup or fast moving, international technology company.
  • An excellent command of international English.
  • A love of building, upgrading and fixing computers will be useful. 
  • Additional knowledge of market trends in IoT, financial inclusion, renewable energy, mobile internet and rural development.

Benefits (What We Offer)

  • Competitive Salary: INR 700,000 - INR 800,000 (depending on experience)
  • Work for a company on a world-changing mission to affect millions of lives.
  • Tackle complex challenges that have a global impact everyday.
  • Be part of a collaborative international team culture - open, encouraging and fun.

About BuffaloGrid

Over 1 billion people lack access to reliable power, and yet 700 million have access to a mobile phone. For many, getting their phone charged and connecting to the network is a daily challenge. Without the ability to connect, these phone users will struggle to function in the modern economy.

We want to see everyone connected. We think everyone has the right to be included in our digital world. That’s why at BuffaloGrid, we are working to help the Next Billion get connected and stay connected.

Our team is made up of designers, developers and growth specialists who want use technology to make a real impact in our customer's lives. They work across hardware, software, operations and growth to provide a reliable service that our customers want and our users love.

India is our first and largest addressable market. We have been active in India for over two years, with a team of three people today based in Delhi who are focussed on operations support. Get in now and join this incredible new team.