Our Subscription Options



$54 per month

Our basic offering, with everything you need to drive sales and engagement

  • Hub and solar panel
  • Cloud management and analytics suite
  • Accept Cash, SMS and PayTM payments
  • Full warranty and customer support


$87per month

For rollouts of 100+ hubs where greater control and customisation are essential

  • + Co-branding and free upgrades
  • + Tailored reporting and promotions
  • + Custom wallet integration and API
  • + Dedicated account manager


Government / NGO

Contact Us

From government led off-grid electrification programmes to NGOs responding to natural disasters, some use cases don't fit our regular pricing model. Get in touch to find out more.

  • Global deployment options
  • Custom software features

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Feature List 

Standard Enterprise
Minimum order - 100
Minimum term 6 months 12 months
Payment Frequency Annual Annual
BuffaloGrid Hub
Battery Size 200Wh 400Wh
Solar Panel + 8m cable
Network antenna
Phone charging cables x28 x28
Free hardware upgrades* -
Co-branding of hardware -
User accounts 10 / hub Unlimited
Hub diagnostics
Location reporting Daily Realtime
Agent management and invoicing
Sales management and analytics
Analytics Standard Bespoke
Free platform updates
Co-branding of platform -
Choice of Mobile Network
Grid power monitoring
Data connection included
Payment Platform
Cash via SMS
Cash via Voucher Code
Paytm (BuffaloGrid Account) 3% fee 3% fee
Paytm (Customer Account) 0% fee 0% fee
Private Wallet Integration -
Payment API Access -
Hardware warranty Basic Expedited
Email support
Phone support -
Dedicated Account Manager -
Priority feature access - -
Priority feature requests -

**Mininum order required