Supporting Success

 Above and Beyond

We love sharing in the success of our customers. From agent training to technical support, our customer success team will do what it takes to help you succeed.

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"You need access to power before you can access the internet. With their innovative product and capital efficient model, the BuffaloGrid team are building foundational infrastructure to get people online."

George Henry, Partner, LocalGlobe


What We Offer


A Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Your own expert advisor, a single point of contact for anything you need.


A 12-Month Warranty

We’re so confident in your success that every BuffaloGrid Hub is covered for 12 months.


Location Selection

Our team can advise you on what makes an ideal area for agents to sell mobile power.


BuffaloGrid Cloud Training

Full team training on how to use the BuffaloGrid Cloud effectively. Advice on everything, from agent management to exporting and analysing data.

Agent selection.png

Agent Selection

Our years of experience means we have the knowledge to help you identify the ideal agents to run your fleet of Hubs.


Agent Training

Your agents will receive full training on how to make selling solar energy with the BuffaloGrid Hub a success.


Guidance on sales, marketing and promotions

Our team will offer you proactive advice on how to engage your agents, attract customers and promote products through the BuffaloGrid Hub.


Remote Technical Support

Our support engineers can dial into your Hubs from anywhere to troubleshoot software issues and ensure everything runs smoothly.


Built to Work Together

The BuffaloGrid Hub and Cloud combine to create a powerful network of connected devices.
Increase income from your agent network, communicate directly with customers and use connectivity to access new streams of revenue.


BuffaloGrid Hub

Power, Promote, Profit


BuffaloGrid Cloud

Monitor, Respond, Drive Growth