Our Values


Everything we do is informed by our values


1. We serve our users as they are, not as we think they should be

We seek to know and understand our users and ground everything we do in our service of them. We don’t design things they won’t want and we don’t build things they don’t need. We value the practise of establishing facts on the ground. We are mindful of our own cultural-bias and while we do believe in the universal idea of a “better life”, we don’t believe the life we live to be the life our users have to live.

2. Build useful things

We build products, services and processes that people need. We know people need them, because we use data to decide and insights to understand. And we do this, because we are committed to use our time, money and talents effectively.


3. Clarity in design, communication and intent

Good, simple and clear communication in everything we do. Clear reasons for designing products, supported by data and presented with simplicity and ease. Intentions that are direct, well defined and easy to understand.

4. Move fast, don’t break things

( people and the planet) When moving at speed, we must not lose sight of the world we are building and the historical and cultural context in which we operate. We must always strive to limit our environmental impact and not undermine our commitment to equality. We don’t waste money, resources and talent.


5. We are antidisciplinary

Our users and our market require a unique approach to design and technology. Our problem-space is complex and difficult. We bring an approach that is not focussed on verticals and formal disciplines, but on an excitement for any idea that helps solve a problem and desire to learn. We are brave and not afraid to go against accepted wisdom. We are extreme collaborators, holding a deep understanding that a concept is valid no matter where it originates.

6. Business gets things done

We believe in the power of business to solve problems in people’s lives that governments and charities cannot. We can attract talent, capital and partners then focus them on a challenges in a unique way. Change through business is sustainable. Business can be a force for good and it is the tool we choose to exact change.


7. Choice matters and should be available to everyone

Life for the next billion is a life of limited choice in a world dominated by monopolistic forces. We want to use internet-services to provide options to people, allowing them to choose their own direction in life and flipping the power dynamic in favour of normal people.

8. Life is better with the internet

We think being able to connect to the internet and then access services on the internet can improve people’s lives. The internet increases our access to everything - from bank accounts to biology books.

We don’t think that everything on the internet is good - dark places, malevolent people and manipulative systems exist on the internet just as in the real world. That’s why we have a responsibility to help guide the next billion towards internet-enabled services that provide an improvement to their lives.

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