There are over 1.4 billion people globally without access to power and more than 95% of them are living either in Sub-Sahara Africa or in developing Asia. Nearly 500 million people worldwide have a mobile phone connection but no access to the electricity grid . Many people travel 15-20 km distances to the closest “phone shop” where they pay a nominal fee of ca. €0.20 to have their mobile phone charged. It takes half a day from their usual working periods. Often, poor maintenance means charging stations are not even working when customers arrive. This inconvenience incurs significant losses in productivity and financial resources. On top of that, without any internet access they are deprived of high quality internet based services. 

Easy access to power will provide them better communication opportunity (via mobile phone) which will definitely help the under privileged people to improve their livelihood, increase in income and personal security. So, nowadays full functional mobile phone is not a luxury rather a necessity. And BuffaloGrid Hub will contribute substantially to keep the thousands of mobile phone in operation.

BuffaloGrid aims at creating the world’s first network of power and internet access provision for  communities with limited access to both. Successful deployment of the hubs in these countries will allow rural communities a reliable, clean and affordable access to mobile communication and internet connectivity, to facilitate local enterprises and drive economic growth.